Despite summer, Americans face travel horizons being narrowed

The coronavirus pandemic continues but the travel horizons during summer for the Americans continues to be narrowed


For many months, thousands of Americans were working from home as a result of the coronavirus induced pandemic. After about three to four months, the summer is here and this is the time when people like to go out on vacations and travel around. But the situation is such that it seems like the vacation horizons have become limited. The travel options in the country have become limited as the coronavirus cases have started to soar.

61 year old Keith Gibbons, who is a government contractor called the situation as very frustrating and said that all he has been doing this year is cancelling trips. The number of countries that the Americans can visit has become very limited as a number of countries have bared US citizens due to the sharp rise in cases. The number of cases in the country has climbed to 3.7 million that accounts for one-fourth of the world’s total cases and the number of deaths has climbed to more than 140,000.

For now the cross country trips are not going to be so easy like it used to be earlier. Within the US itself, the laws regarding the wearing masks and social distancing vary very dramatically and many times it is also confusing. There are some states that are imposing restrictions on the visitors. For instance, people who are arriving in Hawaii have to undergo a self-quarantine for 14 days. David Ige, the governor announced that starting from September 1, 2020 the visitors will have to submit their test results of coronavirus within 72 hours of their departing for the state and they will also present a negative result when they arrive in Hawaii.

New York has not extended the list of the US states, where the citizens will have to self-quarantine themselves when they arrive in the northeastern state. The government of Chicago has announced a list of 17 states. People from those states entering Chicago will have to self-isolate themselves for two weeks or could face fines of up to $500 a day.

Photo Credits: Pixabay