5 Social distancing holiday spots post pandemic

Holiday spots post pandemic can hardly be less crowded, but there are a few places where you can find solace and maintain social distancing

social distancing

The coronavirus pandemic has spoiled the holiday plans of many people. Now that the nations are slowly venturing to open up for tourism, people are now skeptical to travel as the popular tourists spots could be crowded and it could become tough to maintain social distancing. Crowded places can become a breeding place for the virus to spread to different people as it is highly contagious. But thankfully, there are a few places in the world which can be visited even during such times. The places mentioned below are perfect for holidaying and tourists can also easily maintain social distancing.

1. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia – It has the world’s largest picturesque salt lake that gets really chilly during the winter season. The temperature drops by about -4 degrees which makes it tough for the tourists to approach. This place is never crowded due to which social distancing measures can be followed with ease.

2. The Skeleton Coast, Namibia – This place is located between the Kunene and the Ugab river. Here people can find whalebones, wrecks of ships and mines that have been abandoned. It is a perfect place for people who are in love with wild life as it has black rhinos, lions and desert elephants.

3. Wrangel Island, Russia – The place is located in the arctic circle and is known for its extreme weather. It is a place which is hardly approachable by tourists and might even meet polar beers.

4. The Scottish Highlands, Scotland – One of the most picturesque locations found in England. The place is blessed with plenty of greenery, beautiful lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. One can just indulge in the beauty of nature and can rejuvenate yourself.

5. The Easter Island, Chile – It is a volcanic island located in the Pacific ocean. Here you can find the monolithic human statues which are also known as the Moai. But the tourists are not allowed to touch them.

Photo Credits: Pixabay