4 Noticeable chances the travel sector has undergone during pandemic

Travel is no longer like before as it is a lot more risky due to the pandemic but airlines have undergone a few changes


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of living of people across the globe. With the virus being highly contagious, a number of sectors have been deeply affected. A number of companies are bringing about changes as a measure to keep the staff and other members safe. The travel sector is one of the worst affected the demand for it has also gone down drastically. But now it seems that the travel segment is trying hard to recover. Here are a few changes a traveler might notice while travelling during the pandemic.

1. Flight attendants have become more friendlier – The flight attendants have now become more friendly and provide personal attention towards the passengers travelling. They need to be respected as they put themselves at risk of flying with the potentially infected passengers and have to take extra care to see that everyone has their face masks on and are seated as per the airline protocol.

2. You will find less annoying travelers – While travelling during the pandemic, you would notice that your co-passengers are following the COVID etiquettes more seriously. One of the major reasons of such behavioral change is that the airlines are now banning people who do not comply with the rules like wearing masks on board.

3. You will find cleaner lavatories – On many flights the pilots would be announcing not to crowd outside the lavatory. People are now more careful and are as far as possible avoiding to use the lavatories on the flights due to fear of getting infected. If you still have to use, then make sure that you bring along a disinfectant to spray on the seats before use.

4. Personal space even in economy class – Some of the flights are not operating their full capacity and are keeping the middle seats empty to follow the social distancing rule between the passengers. So now you might not have to be camped in between two people in economy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay