General practitioner warns UK Holiday planners to rethink of their travel plans

Holiday planners in the UK need to consider a few things before they book a vacation abroad


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of nations across the globe came to a complete lockdown as a measure to contain the virus. The lockdown forced a number of people to cancel their much awaited holiday plans. But after months of contemplating and taking measures, some countries have started to allow travel to certain destinations. For instance, the United Kingdom has made a travel corridor list, which is a list of countries where the Britons can travel as it is termed as safe by the government. But despite the allowance, health experts have warned the population of Britain to rethink about their travel plans.

NHS GP and founder of the on-demand GP Service GPDQ, Dr. Anshu Bhagat has warned that travelling in some situations could prove to be detrimental, despite the fact that the country is included on the list of ‘safe’ countries. Dr. Bhagat while talking to a leading daily spoke about the problems that could arise for people who are planning for a holiday. The doctor added that Britons need to ask themselves a few questions before they begin their travel or before they even step out of the house with their bags.

When the lockdowns eased in a number of countries, the number of infections are increasing and local governments are also implementing lockdowns on a local level. Holidayers need to make sure that they do enough research on the coronavirus figures in the destination country. They also need to have a good study about the quarantine restrictions for the travelers from the UK at the destination. The Europe Centre for Disease Control could be referred to know about the everyday figures.

Also be informed about the healthcare system to the place you are travelling and to consider how you would deal if you fall sick. They also need to consider as to what they can do if they get stuck in a sudden lockdown while they are abroad. It is also advised to be aware of the health insurance packages. However, despite the warning, holidayers could still enjoy their stay and make it worth by following the right precautions.

Photo Credits: Pixabay