5 Countries that will pay for travelling

As countries are getting back to the travel business a number of countries are offering free travel or incentives


The coronavirus pandemic adversely affected the travel industry across the globe. Now that the numerous sectors are getting back to work, the travel sector too is making its efforts to attract and gain confidence of the travelers and holidayers. For this a number of countries are announcing offers and incentives to encourage travelling that will help to boost the economy. Here are a few countries that will pay or give out incentives when people travel.

1. Japan – The Asian country has launched the Go To Travel tourism promotion that will cover the domestic trips except for those to and from Tokyo. It provides discounts which will be equivalent to 35 percent of the travel costs.

2. Maldives – The island country has announced the Maldives Border Miles that will reward the travellers of they are frequently visiting. The tourists will be rewarded with points that will allow the travellers to have privileges and exclusive benefits. If they visit on special occasions, they would get extra points.

3. Italy – The country is offering incentives to holiday this summer. People overseas and domestic can take advantage of the incentive. A number of regions in Italy have subsidized the accommodations and have also waived the entry fees at the museums.

4. New Brunswick, Canada – The government of Canada has launched the Explore NB Travel incentive program that will run between October 1 to 30, 2020. The expenditure that are done during the vacation will qualify for a discount of 20 percent. Each applicant can be eligible to claim up to $1000 as a part of the discount.

5. Cancun Mexico – Mexican government is ready to welcome back its tourists and is offering perks like two free every two nights that is paid by the guests. They are also offering free stays for up to two children. There are also other perks like two free days of car rentals for two days that are paid by the guests.

Photo Credits: Pixabay