Thailand prepares to open for foreign tourists amidst fading pandemic

Thailand provinces show interest in opening tourism for foreigners


The Asian of Thailand is one of the popular countries that are favourites of the foreign tourists. The authorities of the country will begin allowing foreign tourists who have a short term stay. The tourists will have to travel only to the designated places during their 14 day quarantine period. The residences of such provinces need to approve the new Alternative State Quarantine scheme before it would be introduced.

The regions or provinces which are ready to be reopened will have to assign a different route for the tourists that will not be used by the locals. An authority from the health service support department said that the foreign travellers will have to accept the travel routes that are set by the provinces where they are travelling. Only the countries who are low-risk will be able to travel to Thailand and have to test negative for COVID-19 three days before they arrive at the Asian country.

The tourists will be able to book flights and accommodation only through the travel agents. Even the hotels where they are staying need to meet the SHA standards (Safety and Health Administration). The visiting tourists will also have to use tracking devices and will also be accompanied with the COVID-19 response agencies. The official added that new quarantine scheme has been put in place to encourage and boost tourism and help to revive the economy of the country.

Most of the revenue of Thailand comes from tourism and the coronavirus pandemic induced lockdowns affected the country’s economy adversely. A number of provinces have expressed their interest in inviting the tourists. The authorities have said that the interested provinces need to have ample public health systems and hospitals with capacity to treat patients of COVID-19. Reports say that about 2,000 hospital rooms and 13,00 hotel rooms are available for the foreign visitors who are on a leisure or on business trips.

Photo Credits: Pixabay