5 Best Winter adventure spots in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has some best winter adventure places that not many are aware of

United Kingdom

Yes the holidays are just round the corner and many of you might feel the urge to go out and have some great time with your friends and family. But this space is for those who are looking for some adventure this holiday season. UK is a paradise and many of you might be amused, but it is true. There are a number of activities that could be done while in UK. Be it swimming, trekking, biking or exploring the wild-life, the United Kingdom has a lot to offer. Here are the best places to explore for people who are having an urge to gulp some adventure.

1. White sands and surf, Iona – Scotland has these jewels which are the twin islands of Mull and Iona that boast beaches and caves. Make sure you have a warm tent, a wet suit and off-course some warm clothes. Make the most of the beautiful white sand, sparkling waters and the cliff paths.

2. King of the Hill, Cheltenham – Indulge in a cold and wintry walk down the Timbercombe hill in Charlton Kings in Cheltenham. Enjoy the picturesque views of the town, that is filled with trees and bushes. When you reach the top, you will feel like at the top of the world.

3. Coldwater boost, Cornwall – If you love the waters, Cornwall is the place to be with pools, rivers and beaches. If you are taking a short dip then you can indulge in it without a wet suit, but if you are planning to have a long swim, then better have one.

4. English Skiing, Lake District – Skiing lovers can head to the Lake District Ski Club that has a 360 metre button tow nine runs which are not groomed but that depends on the situation. It is a best place to ski and snowboard.

5. Chasing waterfalls, Lake District – if you are looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, escape to the Aira force waterfall along the shore of Ullswater. Be prepared with waterproofs and hiking boots.

Photo Credits: Pixabay