Health officials advise against travel during Thanksgiving

Health officials are concerned that travel during Thanksgiving would result in a significant rise in cases of COVID-19


Thanksgiving is just round the corner and a number of Americans are expected to travel by different means during the holiday season. But the health experts are worried and have opined that there is a big risk of a number of people being at risk of being exposed to the coronavirus. Millions of people in America are expected to travel, but figures say that the figure would be 48 percent less than what it was in 2019. It is predicted that about 2.4millions of people in the US are expected to travel for Thanksgiving.

About 48 million are expected to travel by road which will mark a drop by 4 percent. Looking at the figures, the health officials are appealing people to avoid travel which is non-essential. Barbara Ferrer the L.A. County director of public health said that they recommend people to stay-at-home for this Thanksgiving. Ferrer added that people who will be travelling will need to be quarantined after they return for 14 days.

Even Gov. Gavin Newsom appealed to the people in California and urged people not to travel outside the state and if they did, then quarantine themselves for 14 days. The U.S. Centres for Disease and Control and Prevention on its website said that travelling increases the risk of spreading and getting infection of COVID-19 and that staying at home is the best way to protect themselves.

Health officials are left concerned for the reason that this happened in China when people travelled in large numbers during the Lunar New Year holiday which led to a spread of the virus throughout the country and also across the borders. Even the U.S. is facing a fresh surge of increase in cases of COVID-19 and such a figure was not seen in the earlier time of the pandemic. If the destination has more number of cases, then there is more chance of the traveller being infected.

Photo Credits: Pixabay