What to expect on flights this holiday season

Flights are operating with some new set of rules as the airlines resume operation


The holiday season is on and number of people are flying to be with their loved ones to share the warmth. Analysts have said that a number of people are expected to hit the skies this season despite the pandemic. It has to be remembered that the pandemic is not over and the United States is a place where the number of cases are dramatically increasing again. If you are still one of those who are going to travel by air here are a few things that you can expect while on the flights.

1. Mandatory mask – While the aircraft is a closed space, all the airlines have put in place their mandatory wearing of masks during the entire tenure of the flight. You cannot remove your masks, unless for the time you are drinking or eating. Even if you find another person on the flight nor wearing a mask, you can go ahead and feel free to inform the crew of the person breaking the rule.

2. Food services on board – All the airlines, as a safety measure are limiting their food service to reduce the contact between the passengers and the flight attendants. They will be briefly allowing the passengers while eating , but it is better to avoid eating or drinking while on the flight.

3. Boarding – While boarding the flight make sure that you keep a safe distance from other passengers on board. A number of flights don’t have the rule of operating the flights on 50 percent capacity which allows to maintain a social distance. In that case it is better to cooperate with the mask wearing mandate.

4. Disembarkation – You need to be patient while disembarkation. The crew members help the passengers to disembark in an orderly manner from front rows to back rows. Other airlines have the passengers rush towards the main door. However, it is better to keep patience and de-board the plane with social distancing measures in place.

Photo Credits: Pixabay