5 Spots from across the world to experience some adventure

For people who love some adventure here are a few spots from across the world you could experience


The year 2020 has been tough for a number of people across the globe. While a number of people remained at home as a safety measure and might have even skipped to be on vacations for the entire year. But now the vaccines are finally out and rolling and this could be a time when people could begin to venture outside. If you are one of those who are looking out for some adventure here are a few places to checkout this New Year from around the globe.

1. Mountain hiking in Chile – Patagonia is a place which is popular for mountain hiking in the country and is a must do if you are visiting here. Torres del Paine National Park is a place in Patagonia which is the hiking route and you could also view the Base Las Torres from here.

2. Wild Swimming in Oman – Oman is one of the picturesque countries in the Gulf. The Wadi Shab is the place you should not miss. It is a grotto that can be accessed by swimming only through a narrow ravine. This is the perfect place to enjoy wild swimming in crystal clear water.

3. Sunrise volcano trekking in Bali – Bali is already a popular tourists place but the sunrise volcano trekking is for those looking for some adventure and you can experience a beautiful sunrise from here.

4. Husky Sledging in Finland – Now this could sound like something straight from the movies. Not many are aware of the Husky safari in Finland. A group of huskies will be pulling you on a sledge across the snow and can be enjoyed during the winter season at Finland’s wild winter playground.


5. Summit Rainbow Mountain in Peru – The rainbow Mountain is one of the recently discovered beauties by the tourists in the region and to experience it, you will have to take a short trek to the summit.

Photo Credits: Pixabay