Singapore might relax rules for COVID vaccinated travellers

Singapore government might relax restrictions on the travellers who are vaccinated with the COVID vaccine


The island city-state of Singapore has been one of the strictest countries in the world in terms of following strict COVID rules. But now with the vaccine slowly rolling out across the globe, the government might consider to relax travel restrictions for people who have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 vaccine. Singapore has currently banned leisure travel and has also limited business and official travel with some of the countries.

Even a number of residents who are returning to the country are required to isolate at some of the designated hotels or at homes for two weeks. Lawrence Wong a politician in Singapore has said that currently there are a number of studies that are talking about the effectiveness of the vaccine that can help to reduce the transmission risk. Wong added that they are closely monitoring such studies carefully.

The politician assured that if there would be a clear evidence that the transmission risk can be effectively reduced then they would certainly consider to relax some restrictions that are currently in place. But that would be implemented only for the travellers who have been vaccinated. Singapore has on a large scale been able to successfully eradicate the virus on a local level. It has also become the first countries in Asia to be on board of a national inoculation program.

The health ministry has revealed that about 60 percent of people are willing to get vaccinated. But there is a group that is hesitating due to the fact that there is low risk of infection in Singapore. Many are also concerned about the side effects of the vaccine that has been developed and approved on a rapid level. It is because of the strict policies and rules in the city-state that helped the nation to get rid of the virus on a large level. Wong also informed that the annual gathering WEF (World Economic Forum) has also been moved from Davos, Switzerland due to fear of the virus in Europe.

Photo Credits: Pixabay