5 Travel tips for travellers who are eco-conscious

Eco-conscious travellers can pick up some tips and make their trip environmental friendly


Travelling for many is like a therapy. One gets to experience different cultures and explore different destinations and witness what the nature has got in store for you. But such experiences can a number of times be detrimental to the environment. Not many are conscious about the environmental impact, but there is a group that is conscious. For such people who would like to be eco-friendly even while they are travelling, here are a few useful and practical tips.

1. Travel closer – You can do some research and travel somewhere close by and explore the beauty of the nature. Travelling by plane emits more than 20 percent of the carbon emissions than a car does throughout the year. You can also find locations that promote anti-poaching work or maintain eco-friendly rules.

2. Stay at hotels that are eco-friendly – The popularity and demand for eco-hotels is increasing everyday and are usually found at the remote locations like mountains, islands or beaches. Such hotels offer renewable energy, organic linens, energy-efficient lighting and food that is sourced locally.

3. Explore the place by ecofriendly means – As far as possible explore the place by walk, or you can hire a bicycle that will take you to nearby places. It is the best way to be eco-friendly and be kind to the environment.

4. Reuse or avoid plastic – Single use plastic is one of the biggest problems for the environment. As far as possible try reusing plastic and if you have, then make sure that you dispose it responsibly to make sure that it goes towards recycling and does not end up in the dump yard.

5. Travel with a group – it is eco-friendly to travel with a group of people. As individuals or even couples travelling on different flights or any other means, would mean more carbon emissions. Travelling together to a particular location helps to save fuel and will make your trip eco-friendly.

Photo Credits:  Pixabay