Travellers bound to United States need to show negative COVID test to board flight

International travellers who are travelling to the United States need to show a negative COVID test before boarding the flight


People who are planning to have an international travel need to think twice as they might have to present a negative COVID test to get back to their homes in the United States. An announcement has been made by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention on January 12, 2021 that all the airline passengers need to show a proof of a negative COVID test or a recovery from COVID before they board an International Flight to the United States. The new rule will be applied from January 26, 2021.

The airlines have been instructed to decline boarding to the passengers who do not comply with the orders. For now the travellers from the United Kingdom to the United States need to show a negative COVID test and this rule has been in place since December 28, 2020. The International travel has been severely affected due to the pandemic and in recent times mutated version of coronavirus found in the United Kingdom has sent shock waves and fear across the globe once again.

Despite the second wave scare, the holidayers do not seem like keeping themselves away from vacationing. A number of vacationers are seen flocking to the beaches and other similar destinations that have been reopened for the tourists. A number of destinations in the Caribbean require the tourists to show a negative COVID test so they can enter the place.

The latest policy has been applied after a new surge of the virus is noticed in the United States. Due to this the international travellers are facing a new layer of restrictions. The airline passengers from two years and above will have to abide by the new restriction. People who had tested positive for the virus in the past three months before travel can bypass the requirement provided they bring a proof that they have recovered and are cleared for travel by a registered healthcare provider.

Photo Credits: Pixabay