United Kingdom temporarily closes travel corridors

United Kingdom has closed travel corridors as a measure to protect the country from new COVID-19 variants

united Kingdom

The country of United Kingdom is constantly facing the threat of new variants of COVID-19. After concerns that were raised by other countries, the travel corridors have been closed on January 18, 2021. The decision was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and added that the country is temporarily closing the travel corridors as a safety measure to protect the country from new variants of COVID-19. However, if anyone still intends to enter the country from any foreign country, then they will have to produce a negative COVID-19 test.

The fresh rule came to effect at 0400 GMT on January 18, 2021. With the new rule applicable, people who are entering the country will have to present the proof of a negative COVID-19 test that has been taken at least 72 hours before leaving. Apart from that, they will also be needed to be transferred to isolation upon their arrival. All the people who enter the country will also have to undergo a mandatory quarantine for ten days. People who do not comply with the rules will be fined.

Johnson while talking about the rules in detail said that the passengers will be checked upon their arrival and could be fined if they refuse to comply with the rules. The passengers who are arriving will have to quarantine themselves at home for ten days and will not have to leave the house for no reason at all. Or they could also alternatively take another test after five days and wait for the proof of another negative test result.

The enforcement will be made at the border and in the country. The UK Department of Transport says that the international travel corridors have been in place since July 2020. But for now the corridors will be suspended temporarily. The transport department has assured that the new measures that are in place will be reviewed on February 15, 2021.

Photo Credits: Pixabay