5 Extreme adventure activities the world has to offer

Adventure activities is something that a number of people look for and there are several options from different places in the world


The world is slowly and steadily recovering from the harshness of the COVID-19 pandemic. After a complete standby mode of the travel and tourism sector, it is also getting back and trying its best to serve and save the sector. Every traveller has a desire to explore something they have not seen before. While some look for thrill and adventure. Here is a list of some interesting activities from across the globe for people who are looking for some out of the box experience.

1. The Mount Everest climb – Now this is not for everyone but for the passionate climbers who have been trained for months together. But this is truly an experience that one can enjoy. If you have all the time and funds to do it, then nothing is going to stop you.


2. Swim at the Great Barrier Reef – A dream of every diver. This is a spot that houses more than 1500 species of fish and 400 different types of coral. It is a natural wonder but the place is eroding due to global warming problems. Visit the place before it becomes extinct.

3. Great Wall of China trekking – One of the prides of China, it stands tall and can be explored in different ways. Different sections of the wall offer different experiences. You can trek and also go to some of the isolated places to take some interesting pictures.

4. Sahara Sand surfing – The Sahara Desert is massive and it has some amazing dunes and is the best place to experience extreme sports. Apart from sandboarding, there are a number of other activities that can be done here.

5. Sky diving in Dubai – Dubai is a place where you can experience a tandem jump for the first timers. It is done with the help of trained professionals who will be tied to you securely through the entire jump. It is safe and one of the best experiences that can be taken.

Photo Credits: Pixabay