UK ready to announce new international travel rules

As the UK looks forward to reopen its borders, it will be announcing new international travel rules


The government of Britain has been taking more careful steps and precautions ever since the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. It is not ready to restart international travel with the help of the “traffic light” system as the country tries its best to come out from the lockdown. The recent announcement has come after it has set a tentative date of May 17 to relaunch the international travel.

The travel destinations will be marked and ranked in, red, amber and green as per the virus risk. Downing Street in a statement issued on April 3, 2021 mentioned that the government will be sharing more details of it on April 5, 2021. For now international travel is banned but a few exceptions have been made. Due to the situation, there is a huge demand for summer holidays abroad. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that they are doing everything that is possible to reopen the country in the safest possible way.

The government has also said that the new system will also ensure that the vaccine process in the United Kingdom is not jeopardized and it would also provide a clear guideline for the travelers. It has been said that people who are looking forward to travel in the low-risk countries will have to take a virus test before and after their travel. But people who are going to the countries which are marked in amber or red will need to be self-isolated or quarantined after they return. For now people who are arriving in to the UK from abroad are asked to self-isolate themselves for at least ten days.

People who arrive from red listed countries will have to face an expensive quarantine in the hotels which have been approved by the government. The government has also said that from this month, it will be allowing a number of people to attend some of the public events like football matches for the trials of the virus certification system.

Photo Credits: Pixabay