4 least visited or unapproachable places on Earth

There are a number of places on earth which are unapproachable and are not travel friendly


Travelling is no longer just a hobby and a way to unwind yourself. For many it has become a means of revenue and a way they can make some revenue. The earth is a huge planet with a number of places to explore and you will never run out of places. Apart from some of the popular spots, there are also places on the Earth which are not just unpopular but are also very unapproachable. Here we will be looking at places which are very unpopular and are least visited by people.

1. Yakutsk – This is a Russian city which is also known as the coldest city in the world. This cannot be called as an average tourist destination as the temperature during the winter season falls up to -6.6 degrees Celsius and the coldest temperature that has been recorded here was -27.8 degree Celsius. Only people who can manage such temperatures can visit the place.

2. South Georgia islands – This is a part of the British Overseas Territory which is mountainous and barren. This is a very remote place where you can find penguins but is certainly not travel or tourist friendly. Since a very long time the place has not been very popular among the travellers.

3. The Northwest Passage – This can be one place which can be officially named as inhospitable . But it is historically important as this is a place where a number of important and epic expeditions of the world have taken place. Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer was the first to conquer the place.

4. Comoros Islands – While a number of unpopular place might not be approachable or travel friendly but this place can be called as a hidden gem that not many are aware of. It is located near Madagascar but is still one of the least visited destinations. This is another beach destination that does not have a crowd at all.

Photo Credits: Pixabay