Countries that are currently open for tourism

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of countries continue to remain restricted for tourism


The coronavirus pandemic across the globe is currently under the second wave. A number of nations have been hit hard of the second wave and has so far claimed a number of lives. Under such circumstances, travelling and spending leisure time outdoors is no less than a danger. But despite that if people are considering a holiday, there are a few nations which are open on certain conditions. We will have a look on the countries which are currently open for tourism.

1. Thailand – Most of the economy of this country depends a lot on tourism. After being locked down in 2020, the country is now open partially. But the travellers need to quarantine themselves for 14 days irrespective of the country they are from at a government approved facility.

2. Maldives – This island country has banned tourists from Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka from May 13, 2021. Tourists from all other nations can visit the destination but they also need to have a negative COVID test. UK travellers need to have a ten day quarantine.

3. Greece – Tourists are being allowed from the EU, UK, Israel and the US on the condition that they need to be fully vaccinated or have a COVID-19 negative test result. It has opened its museums and beaches for the tourists.

4. Italy – The country has currently opened its borders for the countries which have a high level of vaccination percentage. People who are coming from Europe need to show a negative COVID-19 test that is taken within 48 hours.

5. Austria – Austria will be opening its borders for tourism from May 19, 2021. For now the country is allowing travellers from EU, nationals from Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Singapore and South Korea.

6. Iceland – The government of Iceland has opened its borders for tourism from travellers outside the Schengen zone, who are vaccinated or who have just recovered from COVID-19.

Photo Credits: Pixabay