Airlines in America struggle to cope with summer travel rush

Airlines in America are facing a tough time in dealing with the summer travel rush


There was a time when the airline industry had noticed a deep recession due to the coronavirus pandemic. The travel demand had gown down to a level that even the airports across the globe were left deserted. This was when the pandemic had just started and the nations were under lockdowns for safety purpose. But since then the airline industry has been recovering slowly and has reached to a point that people are no longer able to hold their inhibitions to move out for a holiday. The situation is such that the trend is now testing the capacity of the air travel facility. The airports are now trying to restore their services post pandemic.

In the United States, nearly 10,000 flights were cancelled on Sunday but the airline said that it was due to the bad weather and other factors. The Southwest Airlines was the one that faced the majority of the delays with 30 percent of its flights were running late. Talking about the American Airlines, 25 percent of its flights were delayed.

The delays were occurring as the travel demand reached new levels during the pandemic. Nearly 2.1 million people were screened by the Transport Security Administration at the airport security checkpoints on June 20, 2021. Not just American Airlines, but even Southwest airlines blamed the situation to the bad weather. Thunderstorms were reported at the hub airports in Atlanta Delta which led to failure in getting the flight crew in place. With the American airlines, the problems started since nearly a month.

However, the airlines facing a disruption have assured that they would make their best efforts to deliver the customers the best no matter what the circumstances are. The spokesperson from the airline added that the adjustments in the schedule will help them to take good care of the customers and team members. It will also minimize the surprises at the airport.

Photo Credits: Pixabay