Disney postpones its test cruise over inconsistent test results

Some of the employees of the Disney Cruises had inconsistent test results for COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic affected the operations of the cruise lines which came to a standstill due safety concerns. However, as the vaccines rollout and the restrictions begin to ease, Disney Cruise Line was preparing to begin with its first cruise test ever since the pandemic had brought the industry to a stand-still. But the test cruise has been postponed after a few of the test results of the employees were deemed as inconsistent.

The Disney Dream was expected to sail on June 29, 2021 from Port Canaveral, Florida with nearly 300 employees who had agreed for volunteering for the simulation cruise. The trip has now been postponed to next month after inconsistent results of COVID-19 of some of the employees surfaced. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention considered them as positive and had earlier approved the request from the cruise line for two-nights.

Cruise lines are being allowed again but all the passengers and the employees need to be fully vaccinated. Efforts are being made to have a safe easing of the restrictions and make sure that the safety of the passengers and the employees are given priority. The respective governments are making sure to implement different policies as the businesses return to their respective work.

After nearly 15 months, it was last week when Celebrity Edge left Fort Lauderdale, Florida marking its first sail since the lockdown. The authorities from Celebrity Cruises assured that 99 percent of its passengers were vaccinated which was well more than the requirement of 95 percent that has been laid down by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Apart from the cruises, the travel and tourism industry has been hit hard due to the pandemic. 2020 lockdown had seen deserted airports and ports as the lockdowns were imposed in nations across the globe as a safety measure. But now things are slowly getting back to shape as the vaccines are being rolled out.

Photo Credits: Pixabay