5 Heritage places that cannot be visited anymore

Some of the heritage places in the world are no longer appropriate for tourists

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The world is a beautiful place and you can never run out of places that you could explore. However, there are also places that are no longer accessible or are not open for tourists. Here we will be looking at some of the heritage places in the world that you can no longer visit.

1. Palmyra, Syria – Palmyra is an ancient city in Syria and has been banned for a number of times in the past for tourists. For now it is highly unadvisable to visit the place as the ongoing war has left the city in wreckage. The city has a treasure of some stunning architecture but in 2015 the ISIL had destroyed some of the popular statues and also the popular tower of Elhabel.

2. Agadez, Niger – The houses in this city has been declared as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. This was once a thriving place for tourism but then due to the violence in 2007, the tourists activities were shut in the region. It has the highest mud-brick structure in the world and is known as the Great Mosque of Agadez.

3. Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan – The place was known for the Buddhas of Bamiyan statues that were destroyed in 2001. The Taliban had destroyed the statues while the entire world watched the incident in shock. However, there are a number of heritage sites in the world which have been either destroyed or are no longer approachable.

4. Simena, Turkey – Simena is a village that continues to remain inaccessible by road. The place was destroyed by earthquake during the 2nd century. However, the tourists still visit the place but there is reportedly no electricity.

5. Pyramids of Meroe, Sudan – These pyramids are not as popular as those in Egypt but they are also ancient. It is due to the political unrest in Sudan that has kept the tourists away.

Photo Credits: Pixabay