United States to continue with existing travel restrictions amidst Delta surge

United States is facing a sudden surge of the Delta variant of COVID-19 due to which the administration would continue with the existing travel restrictions

Delta variant

A White House official made an announcement that the existing COVID-19 travel restrictions for international travel would continue to remain in place. The restrictions would continue due to the recent Delta variant of the virus that has increased the concerns in a number of nations as the cases continue to rise. US President Joe Biden had earlier in July, 2021 had said that the administration was in discussion as to how soon the country could lift the ban on European travel bound for the US. The issue was raised by Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor during her visit to the White House.

The official from White House on the condition of anonymity further revealed that the administration understands the importance of international travel. He added that the cases in the US are rising and it is particularly in those who gave not yet received their vaccines. The cases are expected to rise in the upcoming weeks. Even the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has urged the Americans to avoid travel to the United Kingdom as the cases are also on a rise there.

Majority of the Continental Europe has relaxed the restrictions for the Americans in terms of travel, but only for those who have been fully vaccinated. But while talking about the United Kingdom, it requires a quarantine for majority of the visitors arriving from the US. Meanwhile, it cannot be ignored that the cases of the Delta variant are also on the rise in Europe and the United Kingdom, marking a third wave.

The Delta variant is known to be deadly and has so far claimed a number of lives. The recent surge in cases has forced the administration of Joe Biden to reconsider about lifting the travel restrictions. Lifting of the restrictions would mean an increase in the cases at a greater speed. COVID-19 Delta variant is also spreading in some of the Asian countries including Pakistan and India.

Photo Credits: Pixabay