5 Ideal places to visit in the month of October

A few places can be heaven in the month of October and a few remote places would make your experience extra special


Apart from summer, the fall is a time when a number of people prefer to travel and have a relaxed getaway. But things are no longer the same due to the Delta variant hovering around. It is important to realize that things are more serious and people need to be extra cautious while travelling in this era. Here we will be discussing about the best destinations where people can travel in the month of October.

1. Cape Town, South Africa – The month of October marks the peak spring time in Cape Town which means that travellers can plan a number of outdoor activities. There are beaches, vineyards and a number of places that can be explored.

2. Loreto, Mexico – People who wish to indulge in some picturesque scenery and luxury resorts then this is the place to be. The city is one of the most underrated as majority of the tourists flock to Los Cabos. It is a secluded place and has in store some of the activities like kayaking, surfing, scuba diving and whale watching for the tourists to enjoy.

3. The Bavarian Alps Germany – This is the place where the Oktoberfest happens but there is a lot more happening here with the perfect temperature. The season is also favourable for outdoor activities including hikes, lake side views and more.

4. Barbados – This island country announced its Welcome Stamp visa for the digital nomads and is valid for 12 months. The visa was announced in 2020 and allows people who earn over a certain amount of salary to live and work remotely on a temporary basis.

5. Santorini, Greece – A perfect tourist spot but if you want to avoid the usual crowd you can indulge towards the authentic side of the island. October is the off season and the perfect time to visit. Do not miss the Red Beach and also make sure to witness the sunsets of Oia.

Photo Credits: Pixabay