Safety tips for solo women travellers

Solo Women travellers need to be careful and follow a few tips before they kick off

solo women

There are a number of places that are safe for solo women to travel. No matter what the situation is, it is always risky for a solo woman to travel. It is easy to get caught up in different situations that cannot be predicted. That does not mean that women who wish to have a solo trip should restrict themselves. Here we will be discussing a few tips for women who are willing to have a solo trip that will help to keep them safe under different circumstances.

1. Be smart while using taxis and ride shares – Use the local ride-sharing apps instead of the independent ones. These services have location sharing facilities and can be tracked. Even the fares are standardized. The passengers can also see the ratings of the driver and they can also follow the driver through the tracking app to make sure that they are heading to the right location.

2. Be alert while you are drinking or dating – Solo women travellers need to be careful while consuming alcohol. So if you are out for a night on your own, allow a family member or a friend to know where you are going. You could also share your real-time location through your smartphone. Also make sure that you don’t consume excessive alcohol.

3. Don’t seem confused – Make sure that you don’t make yourself a target. When you are walking at a public place, especially at the night time, look like you know where you are going. If you are lost, get inside a café, check for the directions in your phone.

4. Do not carry your fancy and expensive jewellery – You might be tempted to wear some bling, but such things can attract unwanted attention. If you want to, get some casual and simple jewellery that can solve the purpose.

5. Hide your phone strategically – Your phone is an important thing that can help you under difficult times. Hide your phone strategically inside some hidden pockets in your pants or skirts.

Photo Credits: Pixabay