Transportation Security Administration observes lowest air travel figures

Since the month of May, the Transportation Security Administration has recorded the lowest number of air travel as the number of COVID-19 cases surge

air travel

The beginning of August saw a high traffic of passengers for air travel after the slow demise of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. But then hit the Delta variant scare and now the travellers are looking forward to cancellations of their flights. The Transportation Security Administration has reported about the lowest air travel numbers during the summer on August 24 and 25, 2021. It had hit the highest traffic of the year in the first week of August, 2021.

It was noticed that more than 1.4 million people passed through the TSA checkpoints and 1.5 million on Wednesday. The new survey found the figures as worrisome as more people are now looking forward to cancel their air tickets and would prefer to go by road. Amidst the figures, a feeling of anxiety has surfaced for the airlines, hotels and the cruise lines amidst a time when the sector was just on the verge of recovery. Things are now expected to become more unpredictable.

There are also chances that the businesses could be affected. More of the business meetings are expected to go back online as the companies are once again concerned about the safety of their employees. A number of health officials are urging people to reconsider their plans. The governor of Hawaii is discouraging any incoming travellers as the hospitals are currently running at their capacity. Any more patients would leave the health sector overwhelmed as well.

Once again the European Union is considering about its decision to allow the Americans in the region amidst a time when the number of cases are surging again. January 2020 was when the COVID-19 pandemic started off full-throttle and lead to a number of lockdowns in a number of nations across the globe. It severely affected the travel industry, which made a partial recovery by 2021. But now things have once again become unpredictable due to the Delta variant.

Photo Credits: Pixabay