Travel – Countries now imposing expiration dates for fully vaccinated people

    Fully vaccinated people will not be considered as completely vaccinated if the second dose was taken way earlier


    People who are fully vaccinated might be relaxed due to the fact that they will have to deal with less restrictions in terms of travel. But if you are one of those who is fully vaccinated and are planning to have a trip, think twice. As per the recent reports as many as two countries have imposed an expiry for the vaccinations. The countries who have imposed the restriction has said that it should be less than 270 days since the traveller has received his/her second dose to be considered as fully vaccinated.

    The countries that have imposed an expiry are Croatia and Austria. However, more countries are not considering to impose expiry on the vaccines. Gone are the days when the travellers used to be worried about their passport expiration dates and in recent times they were worried about the COVID-19 PCR test to be taken at the right time before their departure period. But now things are about to get even more complicated. Now the expiry on the vaccine dates are about to make it harder for the travellers.

    It has been noticed that more destinations have now been reopened for tourism but a few countries have tightened their rules due to the fear of the more contagious Delta variant of COVID-19. The countries introducing an expiry for the vaccines is the latest development in the travel sector. The Excelsior Pass vaccine passport of New York state is at present valid for 365 days but the state has also warned that the validity of the vaccine passport could change as per the guidelines by the health experts.

    People in the United States are considered as fully vaccinated if it has been 14 days since they received their second dose of the vaccine. This means that it could be meaningless if it has become too late even after you have received both the doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

    Photo Credits: Pixabay