Iconic landmarks in the world that might not exist in future

Some of the iconic landmarks in the world might not exist in future due to climate change


Environment experts have constantly been talking about the threat caused due to the rising global temperature at an alarming rate. This can cause some serious effects including wildfires, flooding and drought. Apart from the natural calamities, some of the landmark destinations across the globe are also at risk of getting disappeared and that could be a possibility in future. Here are some of the iconic landmarks across the globe that could not exist in future due to the climate change.

1. The Dead sea – Located at the Jordan Rift Valley and is known for being incredibly salty that allows people to float on the surface. But the water level of the sea is falling down at an alarming rate. There are also nearly 7000 sinkholes created that are linked to man-made dams. The minerals found in the dead sea are known to be therapeutic.


2. The Great Barrier Reef of Australia – This is the world’s largest coral reef system and also home to exotic marine life. But due to the rising temperature, it is causing irreversible coral bleaching. It is a condition that turns coral white and destroys vital habitat.

3. The Amazon – The Amazon is the largest rainforest and covers 40 percent of South America. But in recent times the drought has left many of the tree species parched. Even wildfires are becoming increasingly prevalent and have killed many animals and plants.

4. The Maldives – The Maldives is an Indian sub-continent of Asia and is located in the Indian Ocean. There are around 1190 individual islands but these islands might not exist for long. Reports say that the islands could be completely submerged due to a number of reasons including high water temperature, rising sea levels and sea water acidity.

5. The Alps – This is a popular Ski destination and is located in Europe. However, it might not remain the same for long as the glaciers are melting fast and this could also lead to melting of Austria’s largest glacier.

Photo Credits: Pixabay