World Tourism Day – Reasons why travelling is good for the mind and body

This World Tourism Day, know about the importance of travelling and how it is a great way to develop your personality


September 27 is observed as the World Tourism Day and helps to highlight the importance of tourism, that has always been a source of building an economy of the country. It not just allows people to unwind, but also promotes cultural values. It helps to raise awareness about history and culture of a place and also creates employment opportunities in the region.

Everyone enjoys to travel to different places and this is something that everyone enjoys. The importance of travel has become even more relevant during the pandemic times when people have been confined in their homes. People who have been at home for nearly a year and a half are now looking forward to explore new places. Travelling makes people aware of new places and its cultures. When a person travels to a new place, they get to have new experiences in terms of lifestyle, food and culture.

People get to know about traditions, history that helps to increase the knowledge about the new places. Travelling allows us to get out of the comfort zone in an unfamiliar surrounding and that makes the person emotionally and mentally strong. It teaches people to adjust to the new atmosphere that might not be as comfortable as you expect. New culture, traditions and foods exposes you towards a new life that exists in a different part of the world. It makes you flexible, adventurous and fearless.

Travel is also a way to get rid of your stress. A number of people live a monotonous life and often face a lot of stress that can lead to an emotional downfall. Travelling is a great way to address the stress levels and allow them to be released in the most natural way. At least once in a while it is OK to be selfish and take a break from your monotonous life. Since the pandemic is still on, it is also recommended to follow all the COVID guidelines and remain safe where ever you are travelling.

Photo Credits: Pixabay