Lufthansa notices recovery of business travel faster than ever

Lufthansa CEO has said that the business travel demand is returning back and is stronger than ever


The coronavirus pandemic put a severe effect on the travel sector. While the economy travel saw a steady improvement, the business travel was seen struggling. The business travel makes the most of the revenue for the airlines as the tickets are expensive when compared to the economy travel tickets. A number of companies were hesitant to expose their employees towards the virus. But now it seems like the business air travel is recovering faster than expected. Carsten Spohr, the CEO of Lufthansa Airlines while talking to a leading daily said that the business travel is expected to remain strong through the winter.

In the meanwhile, private travelling is noticing an extension of the summer season as people are slowly catching up with the flights as they were not able to take after the pandemic began. Spohr added that they are noticing a positive response in terms of business travel that remained low even during the third quarter but is now picking up at a steady pace.

Air travel came to a sudden stand still when the coronavirus pandemic struck across the world. The situation had also forced Lufthansa towards a multi-billion dollar bail out by the government of Germany. But now the airline expects that the business travel would increase by 90 percent than what it was during the pre-pandemic time. The CEO of the airline added that no sudden drops in the travel demand is expected during the winter season and the bookings are expected to last until December, 2021.

Spohr also said that the business travel has come back and is more aggressive this time and added that with the demand more flights have been added to different markets across the globe. Not just Lufthansa, but airlines across the globe are facing the same situation as the travel demand is returning back to normal. More countries have also reopened their respective borders for tourism and unessential travel.

Photo Credits: Pixabay