Americans prepared for travel but overspending could be a spoiler

Travel is on the minds of Americans but due to a high budget, low-income households could avoid travel


The travel sector received a major setback during the coronavirus pandemic. The first wave and the second wave turned out to be a disaster for majority of the airlines. But the upcoming holiday season is expected to compensate for all the losses. Americans seem to be ready to take off during the upcoming Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Year holidays. A number of studies have predicted that the travel sector is going to flourish during this time of the year.

The travel volume is expected to increase by 5 percent when compared to the 2019 figures and some 53.4 million people are expected to travel by air, road and rail. This will mark an increase by 13 percent from 2020 and the increase in the air travel alone is expected to be up by 80 percent compared to 2020. During Thanks Giving, the travellers are expected to take flights, trains or the roads that will mark 6.4 million more people in 2021. However, people should be prepared for crowds. The travel this year is expected to look a lot different in 2021. This year the borders are open and a number of nations have lifted the restrictions on the leisure travel.

Earlier only essential travel was allowed and a number of nations had continued to keep their borders shut for the foreign visitors. Once again the Americans are ready to reunite with their family members and loved ones during the holiday season. However, this holiday season could also be a spoiler for many as the expenditure could increase. Travel means an increase in expenditure as well and the inflation has already made a number of basic things expensive affecting the budgets of the Americans.

Due to this the low-income households are expected to avoid travel over the costs concerns but the wealthier travellers could increase their travel budget this season. This time even the work place flexibility has put a positive impact on the holiday travel bookings.

Photo Credits: Pixabay