Travel tips amidst omicron threat

Industry experts give out travel tips while planning a holiday amidst the omicron threat of COVID

Travel tips

People who have worked in the travel sector know about the in and out of how the system works. They make the most of their knowledge when they are out on a vacation themselves. Amidst the omicron variant threat, people continue with their travel plans during the holiday season. Here we will be discussing about some of the expert travel tips suggested by people who have worked in the sector.

1. Travel planning – Plan for the entire trip from start to the end. For instance, you might have booked a plush hotel for the most luxurious stay and business class tickets for a return. But if you have not booked a proper transport from the airport to home on your return, your planning remains incomplete especially after a tired return flight while you deal with jetlag and tiredness.

2. Flight bookings – Always make sure that you book the early morning flights which are usually less crowded and avoid taking the last flight especially during the winter months that will reduce the chances of messed connections due to weather or cancellations.

3. Renting holiday homes – While booking holiday homes, make sure that you select the rentals that have the most flexible cancellation policies, so you can change your stay at the last minute for any reason.

4. Booking hotels – Some of the best hotels usually go booked during the peak holiday season. You can ask your travel advisor for help as they often have relationships that allow you to have the desired hotel at the most reasonable prices.

5. Car rentals – During the pandemic, many car rental services offer contactless pick up where you just have to walk in and hop inn to your car. On the rental website, you can use the ‘skip the counter’ filter while booking.

6. Travelling with young kids – If you are travelling with toddlers or babies, make sure that you are not always on the go. You can make sure to schedule some time every day to allow them to relax and play that will make them less cranky.

Photo Credits: Pixabay