Air travel rules to follow during the omicron scare

Following a few simple air travel rules can help you to have a safe flight

air travel

Air travel can be avoided, but there can be many people for whom travelling could be an emergency than leisure. In the current omicron variant scare of COVID-19 one has to remain extra careful while travelling. But if proper measures are taken and protocol is followed, then you can have a safe and a pleasant flight. Here are a few air travel rules that you can swear by to remain safe during the omicron variant scare.

1. Wear a mask – Wearing a mask cuts the risk of getting infected by 90 percent. During your entire travel schedule make sure that you are wearing your mask, except when you are eating or drinking.

2. Get yourself tested within 24 hours of your travel schedule – Make sure that you get a PCR test done before you travel to ensure the safety of people around you. This rule is applied for people regardless of their vaccination status.

3. Cooperate with the staff – The staff on the aircrafts are there for your assistance and are ensuring your safety. It would be great to be cooperative with them. They themselves are at risk of coming across people who might be infected.

4. Follow airline safety rules –Always make sure that you are following the airline safety rules or you could end up facing a ban from flying. In recent times, Delta Airlines banned more than 1600 passengers for unruly behavior and breaking COVID-19 protocol.

5. Buy travel insurance – It is safe to buy travel insurance, in case you get infected on a foreign land. The insurance will cover your medical expenses while you are being treated abroad and spare you from shelling out.

6. Scan the boarding passes yourself – In order to avoid any contact between the passengers and airline staff, there booths set up that allows the passengers to scan the boarding pass themselves. It eliminates the risk of any contact.

7. Avoid touching high contact points – Make sure that you avoid touching any high touch points at the public places.

Photo Credits: Pixabay