United Kingdom ready to lift travel restrictions from February 11

United Kingdom is all set to list the travel restrictions to help boost tourism and business in the country

travel restrictions

The vaccination programs for COVID-19 have been rolling out since a while across the globe. The administration programs have helped a number of sectors and economies to get back on track. The travel sector is one of the worst affected sectors due to COVID. The United Kingdom has put its faith on the vaccinations and booster programs and is now ready to lift the travel restrictions for the eligible individuals who are vaccinated. The new policy is expected to come to effect on February 11 at 4 a.m.

Grant Shapps , the Transport Secretary expressed confidence by stating that they have made the right call at the right time as the vaccine and booster programs proving to be successful. Shapps added that the programs have allowed them to safely wean from the COVID-19 travel restrictions for the vaccinated travellers. The step proves to be crucial amidst a time when the travel sector had become stale. The move is also said to be safe and would also help towards the return of international travel that would boost the UK tourism. It would also be a crucial time for the UK Travel sector to return during the half term and spring holiday season.

The move is not just for the vaccinated travelers, but also for those who are unvaccinated. The new rules have suggested that people who are not considered as fully vaccinated will have to go through pre—departure test and a PCR test on or after arrival in the United Kingdom. The recent announcement is also expected to boost the tourism in the United Kingdom and would also help a number of businesses.

London is also preparing to include 16 other countries including China and Mexico to be added to the list of recognized vaccine certificates. This means that the total number of vaccines that are recognized would be 180. All the south Asian countries have been included on the list.

Photo Credits: Pixabay