5 Things to avoid before you take a flight

You might be ready to take off and begin your holiday, but here are a few things that you need to be careful before you take a flight


Travel is an activity that had taken a back seat since the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. But now that the number of infections are reducing across the globe, people are venturing with travel plans and are packing bags for holidays with family and friends. If you are planning to catch a flight any time soon, here we will be sharing a few things that you should avoid before you catch a flight.

1. Packing travel documents in the suitcase – While travelling, one of the biggest concerns is to take care of the important belongings so they don’t get lost in transit. Make sure that you keep your boarding pass, passports, ID and phones in a compartment of your carry-on bag, so you can grab them easily.

2. Spending at the duty free shops at the airport – You could buy snacks from the supermarket and save money. You could also bring your own water flask and pack it in an easy to remove bag.

3. Exchanging currency at the airport – Many of the airports have high exchange rates and you might end up shelling out more. Make sure that you plan your money exchange before-hand and outside of the airport through proper channels like your bank.

4. Arriving at the last minute – You might know the drill at the airport, but arriving at the last minute can cost you your flight. You could also end up missing your flight due to the unexpected traffic on the way to the airport. There could also be schedule changes of the flights.

5. Having a cocktail before your flight – Always be careful of drinking alcohol beverages at the airport. The aircraft has less oxygen when it is 38,000 feet above and you could end up being dehydrated and more sick than you had expected. People who are prone to motion sickness can order a ginger ale that could help with the discomfort.

Photo Credits: Pixabay