Simple and easy tips to follow while travelling with your toddler


Travelling with children is never easy as you need to take care of a number of things. The routine goes for a toss and it can become a little exhausting as well for you and for the child. If you are planning to travel long distance with your little one, here are a few tips to remember before you start preparing.

1. Do not forget the daily routine – While the everyday routine of the baby might get disturbed, so you need to adjust accordingly. It is always better to feed your kid and put them to sleep a few hours before you begin the journey. This will help your baby to remain fresh when you start.

2. Make a checklist of all essentials – Make a checklist of all the essentials that you need to carry for the baby. Bedsheets, toys, water, diapers, plastic bags, medicines (regular and emergency ones) and a stole for breastfeeding your child.

3. First aid box – This is a must have when you are travelling. You never know how accidents happen and the first aid box could be helpful for minor bruises. The box can also have medicines for cold, fever and indigestion along with bandages, cotton, antiseptic cream and lotion and others.

4. Keep your child comfortable – Travelling could lead to stress for the child. They might get bored and start to get restless. Make sure that you carry a few toys, coloring books, picture books and other things that would keep your child engaged and entertained.

5. Take special care of your child’s diet – Make sure that you are breastfeeding your child at regular intervals. Do not feet them with fat rich diet. Five them fruits, cereals and home-cooked food instead. Such foods will help to keep your child away from indigestion problems.

6. Doctor’s advice – Before you plan a journey, it is wise to take advise of your doctor and make sure that your child is fit enough for long-distance journeys.

Photo Credits: Pixabay