5 Unconventional international honeymoon destinations for couples

Couples looking forward towards unique, peaceful and unconventional honeymoon places should go through this list


The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down and a number of countries across the globe have lifted travel restrictions. Many people who were holding back their travel plans have now started to step out of their houses and are looking forward to different travel destinations. Many couples, who got married amidst restrictions are now looking forward for that perfect International honeymoon destination. Here is a list of a few unconventional international honeymoon destinations for couples who are looking to spend a good time.

1. Seychelles, East Africa – Seychelles is an archipelago on the Indian Ocean located off the coast of East Africa. The place boasts some of the most gorgeous and clean beaches with pink sand. It will mark the perfect get-away for couples who are looking for a peaceful getaway to catch coral reefs, natural reserves and a few rare creatures.

2. Lapland, Finland – People who want to have a ‘never have I ever’ experience can land at Lapland to catch the breathtaking Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis is a sight you cannot miss as it is so beautiful that it would take your breath away and will also make you want to come back for more of the experience.


3. Dingle, Ireland – People who want to have complete privacy during their honeymoon can look forward to Dingle. Enjoy the green pastures and the crystal clear waters that are not always easy to find. You will find the best sunsets and waterfalls and a few stunning tourists sites.

4. Vermont, USA – Couples who are looking forward for the most romantic experience can land up in Vermont to grasp its natural beauty, charm, its history and arts. Do not miss the balloon ride that allows a bird’s eye view of Vermont.

5. Sumba, Indonesia – Couples looking forward for some peace and away from the hustle and bustle of the city can come to Sumba. The Nihiwatu beach is nearly untouched that will allow you to have romantic moments with your loved ones.

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