5 Frauds to be aware of in the travel sector

Travel sector also has scammers the travellers should be aware of


The travel sector is currently booming as the travel restrictions in a number of countries have been lifted and people are picking up every possible opportunity to holiday and travel. While this might be a great idea to relax and go for a vacation after a long COVID break, but beware of the fraudsters that might pose as imposters and make you a victim of travel fraud. Here are a few frauds that you need to be aware of.

1. Taking over of accounts – Such a fraud can occur when a scammer might take over a person’s or an agent’s account information through breach of data or phishing. He/she might pose as a legitimate client or travel agent to make unlawful transactions. It is best to set up 3-D secure or a two-factor authentication that would prevent such frauds.

2. Stolen credit cards – Even if your credit cards are not stolen, then the numbers are somehow obtained by fraudsters with legitimate information. You need to keep monitoring your credit card transactions and eliminate any paperwork that involves your credit card numbers. Report a stolen credit or debit card immediately.

3. Fake travel websites – There have been a number of cases where travellers have been defrauded by websites by selling fake airline tickets and even hotel rooms with false vacation packages. Beware of third party apps on play stores. The malware takes over the device and downloads it.

4. Cyber breach – Be careful while sharing your sensitive information with travel organizations. Make sure that they process the data responsibly, because any breach from the organization can leak the sensitive travel data that could cost the traveller a fortune.

5. Pop-up ads – One of the most common scams in the sector are the offers that come from the pop-up ads that appear from nowhere. They claim to offer you a lucrative deal at a very low cost but then they don’t disclose the vast range of fees you might come to know at the last moment.

Photo Credits: Pixabay