7 Things to keep in mind before you leave for a vacation

To ensure you have a pleasant and a stress-free vacation, make sure that you double check certain important things


Travel restrictions across the globe have been lifted and many people have planned for their dream getaway after a long COVID break. While you might be ready with your bags and tickets to have some fun on the trip, you also need to remember that you are leaving your house behind that would be locked for the time you are away on the trip. Here we will be helping you with a checklist that you need to remember and take care of before you kick-off your much awaited vacation.

1. Inform your credit card company –Yes your credit card company should know about your travel plans to ensure that your cards work. Also make sure that you have ample credit on your cards.

2. Contact your cellular company – While you might be travelling, inform your cellular company to put you on the cheapest plan for making calls, sending messages and accessing internet. Many times travel becomes expensive with your mobile phone bills.

3. Intimate your home security operator – If you are leaving for a longer time like for two weeks, intimate your local police department. You can also ask for extra patrolling rounds by your house when you are away.

4. Confirm the reservations – Do not be overexcited and make sure that you confirm about your flight ticket reservations, hotel reservations before you begin your trip. You don’t want to get stranded or spoil your vacation mood if something goes wrong.

5. Make advance payments on bills – There could be certain bills that might have due dates when you would be away. Make those payments in advance.

6. Inform about your itinerary to a friend – Make sure you provide information about your itinerary to your emergency contact.

7. Bring your outdoor furniture inside – Do not leave your outdoor wares that includes chairs, cushions, pool equipment outside, especially the light weight items that could be easily blown away or be taken away by the thieves.

Photo Credits: Pixabay