5 Travel destinations that might soon become extinct

Due to global warming, some of the popular travel destinations across the globe might soon become extinct


Global warming is a real phenomenon and  the geography could be different in future.  There are a number of places like  the beaches at Maldives or the corals in Australia  which are some of the best destinations in the world but might soon become extinct due to the effect of global warming. Here are a few places that might not exist in future.

The Great Barrier Reef
  1. The Great Barrier Reef – The place is known for  a colorful breathtaking experience  and has the world’s largest coral reef with nearly 3,000 individual reef systems  and coral cays. Tourists flock the place to grab the opportunity to snorkel and scuba dive. But now the rising temperatures are leading to coral bleaching where the coral starts to turn while and might even die soon.
  2. The Dead sea – It is best known for its high salt content that makes people float. The dead sea is rich in minerals  but is shrinking day by day. It has already lost one third of its surface  and is predicted that it might go completely dry by 2050. Apart from hot climate some of the other reason for its shrinking is construction of dams and cosmetic companies extracting minerals rom its water.
  3. The Maldives – One of the most spectacular island might vanish from the maps soon and is just 1.3 meter above the sea level. It is a dream destination for many people but might vanish soon if necessary steps are not taken soon.  The authorities here have appealed for infrastructural fund  during the UN climate talks in 2019.
  4. Venice – The city is located in the northeastern Italy and is known for its romantic atmosphere. It is known for the famous gondola rides, cafes and canals  but the city might soon be engulfed by the ocean water and get submerged.
  5. Madagascar – The place for known for its dense forest, but the deforestation has taken away its charm. The popular island country was featured in a  cartoon film with the same name  but soon the place might become nothing but a barren land.

Photo Credits: Pixabay