Top 4 Places You Must Visit in Costa Rica


When we mention dense rainforests, roaring waterfalls, sleepy volcanoes, blonde beaches, then we are talking Costa Rica here. Below are places to visit to make your tour worth the visit.

San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose

San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city is worth a lengthy stopover. Head North to historic Barrio Amón and take a stroll around the tropical Victorian-style mansions of former coffee barons hinting at the nation’s colonial past. The much-loved neo-classical National Theatre was born of a self-imposed tax on those same coffee moguls and houses a charming little café where you can sit back and enjoy a cup of the ‘grano del oro’ (golden bean).

Arenal National Park, Costa Rica

Arenal National Park

Costa Rica has a dozen volcano locations with no eruptions since 2010. These volcano zones are set  in a beautiful backdrop of 29,960 acres of Arenal National Park, makes for one impressive hiking adventure. A loop path of 16 interconnected bridges – 6 of which hang suspended over the dense jungle – weave you through the park. Look up… there are 850 different species of birds flying about! These are also activities like white water rafting , waterfall rappeling  or join a zip-liningcanopy tour.

Canal of Tortuguero, Costa Rica

Canal of Tortuguero

Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast reserve is home to 11 different habitats, including swamps, lagoons, beaches and mangrove forests. Take a boat tour and let a guide help you spot the timid wildlife or kayak your way down the lush canals.

Coffee tasting in Costa Rica

Cacao beans ground by hand

Several farms across the country provide guided tours of coffee plantations. Finca Rosa Blanca is committed to producing organic, sustainable, shade-grown estate coffee and will be more than happy to show you how they do it. An expert in all things coffee, will take you around the fields, the processing plant and roasting house before treating you to a ‘catación’ – a professional cupping session.

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