5 Shady Forest Destinations From Around The World


Maybe we are Man Vs. Wild inspired, or the word Amazon seems like a challenge we want to overcome – but traveling through a dense forest, flora and fauna surrounding you and the bubbling of a brook in the distance, it is a perfectly romantic vacation you can take. The best part about trekking in a forest is that you can do so in almost any weather, mostly because temperatures stay relatively the same. Here are 5 Shady Forest Destinations From Around The World:

The Amazon Rainforest

Image Source: hopespeak.com

Before you distracted with Amazon, the online superstore, we are talking about the rainforest in South America. This mega forest expands over 9 countries, though Brazil is mostly its main home. It has the vastest amount of flora and fauna here. In fact, in certain areas, the foliage is so thick, one cannot see the sun. Make sure that you don’t get lost and confused a la the dwarves from The Hobbit. This forest is one-of-a-kind in this world, so it should be on your traveler’s list for sure. For more on the Amazon, CLICK HERE.

Backcountry Rainforest

Image Source: happytrips.com

Like a dream for a Gaelic tale, this forest that lies north of Vancouver is a dreamer’s paradise. The greenery is breathtaking over flat land and mountains. The pristine waters hold a rich animal life – including wild Orcas! Another natural wonder to behold is during the months of October – December when the largest gathering of bald eagles descend onto nature’s habitat. There is no other amusement park or zoo that could ever match up to this experience. For more on the Backcountry Rainforest, CLICK HERE.

Sapo National Park


If you are more on the adventurous side and have traversed extensively through different types of weather conditions and terrain, then this forest reserve in Liberia might be a perfect trip for you. It will almost feel like something out of a Tim Burton movie, with the fog and the almost-psychedelic green trees surrounding everything. There are all sorts of poisonous creatures and animals that do more than just bite. However, this adventure will feel like it’s worth all the trouble, once you’re out of the delusion state it puts you in. Just kidding. Or are we? For more on Sapo National Park, CLICK HERE.

Black Forest

Image Source: deviantart.net

The true inspiration for the decadent cake variety, the Black Forest in Germany is home to many sinister tales from the Grimm brothers. It is named so because the thick canopy of leaves from extremely slender and tall trees completely block out the rays of the sun. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost and bewildered like Hansel and Gretel. However, these forests are free from wicked witches and wolves camouflaged as grannies. For more on the Black Forest, CLICK HERE.

Sagano Bamboo Forest

Image Source: zekkei-japan.jp

This may be the last place on earth you expect to be home to a forest, but we aren’t talking about the Kung Fu Panda movie here. You will find the Sagano Bamboo Forest in where else, but Japan! The long bamboos are so refreshing from the thick barks we are used to seeing (not that these thick barks aren’t beautiful in their own right) and there is a unique musical sound that emanates as the breeze rustles past. For more on the Sagano Bamboo Forest, CLICK HERE.

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