17 Secret Travel Destinations You Never Knew Existed!


It is a different feeling to visit places which are naturally beautiful and mesmerizing. There are many hyped places which we keep visiting often rather than the unexplored secret destinations which will leave you star-struck. Here’s a list of places you can add in your bucket list, and I am sure they won’t disappoint you.

1. The 12th Century French Beauty


This is more like a fairy-tale mansion, with visitors form all over the world. Looking at this pretty fortress I bet you cannot get over praising this French beauty.

2. A field of flowers in Holland


A picturesque maze of flower fields is all you will find here. Growing flowers and heavily exporting them, is a business worth millions in Holland.

3. A tree with insane roots in Costa Rica


Doesn’t this tree look like a home to thousands of creatures? This tree with incredible roots in Costa Rica has attracted it’s fair share of attention and has sustained man-made hazards over decades now.

4. The Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona


The Horseshoe formation in Arizona is probably the finest formations you will ever see. The Colorado river passing by helps the formation look more beautiful. This impressive horse-shoe bend in Page looks like a brilliantly carved master-piece.

5. Vertical stairs ,Machu Picchu ,Peru


Can you ever imagine using vertical stairs on daily basis ?

I am sure nobody knows the real reason as to why Incas decided to built a huge temple at the top of the vertical mountain peak. It might have taken more than some efforts to built these vertical stairs in Machu Pichu and on that using them looks like a bigger effort.

6. Iguazu Waterfalls in Brazil and Argentina


The breathtaking view of Igauzu waterfalls will leave you mesmerized. Both Brazil and Argentina get the best of views of this region, and it’s also a home to some shady business between the countries.

7.The Magical Halle forest in Belgium


It is a little hard to believe when you come out of this magical and mysterious Halle forest. Don’t be surprised on your encounter with some mythical creatures like trolls and fairies 馃槢

8. Maly Semiachik in Kamchatka, Russia


Situated in Siberia,聽Maly Semiachik in Kamchatka offers you one of the finest landscape’s in the world. Imagine a pretty azure colored lake on top of a volcano? You can go see it live on your next visit to Russia.

9.The town of Monsanto, Portugal


Surviving the test of time, this town of聽Monsanto in Portugal was build during the early stone-age period. History reveals that this town was built among boulders of Mt. Monsanto. You certainly have to check this remarkable聽town.

10. The Canola Flower Fields in China


The mountainous region of China supports quite a few Canola flower fields. Annually these fields turn into a river bed of yellow canola flowers making the whole area look vibrant and fabulous.

11. The Azur Window in Malta


This Mediterranean country of Malta-Cebu has a small azur window giving you the best view of the backdrop. This is more like a rock formation and a table like structure in the midst of the turquoise blue sea. Looks like a perfect picturesque.

12.The Stone Forest of Madagascar


Unexplored and untouched, the stone-forest of Madagascar has a collection of聽razor-sharp vertical rocks.This is the world’s largest stone forest.The Grand Tsingy looks uninhabitable, but to our surprise it is a home to 11 species of lemur, some 100 types of bird and 45 kinds of reptiles. Spectacular!

13. Zhangye Danxia Landform in China


These stand-stone formations look like a beautiful painting of red rainbows. The natural behavior of wind and water over millions of years have added to the beauty of these artistic formations.

14. Len莽贸is Maranhenses, located in Brazil


Len莽贸is Maranhenses in Brazil consists of a long coastal stretch of blue water lagoons and white sand-dunes. Doesn’t this look like our notebook cover page?

15. The Elephant Rock in Heimaey, Iceland


The Elephant Rock in Heimaey, Iceland is natural rock-formation and is covered with green moss. This impressive natural formation has managed to seek quite some attention in the recent years.

16. The Laja Falls in Chile


South America looks like home to a dozen of dazzling waterfalls. The Laja water-falls are one of the magnificent waterfalls in Chile 聽displaying sheer natural beauty.

17. The Putra Mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia


The Putra Mosque in Putrajaya is new-city built from scratch with a man-made lake. It also proves to be a perfect place to pray in solitary.