10 Off-Beat Travel Destination You Have to Visit At least Once


Have you ever thought about exploring the road less taken?

How many of us have wished to visit these striking destinations shown in fictional and fabled movies. Here is a list of destination, you din’t know about!  Visit these less-known but beautiful places in your next vacation.

1. Stairway to heaven


Hiking to Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii is one adventure you might want to risk attempting. The stairway to heaven is not going to be simple. It is a steep hike with the help of wooden ladder besides the cliff. These stairs are not open for public use but some adventurous people still attempt to climb this and boast about the breathtaking view.

2. Enchanted River, Philippine island, Mindanao


A Diver’s favorite destination, dive into this turquoise clear waters at Hinatuan River on Philippine islands. According to rumors, this enchanted salt-water river appears from an unknown point and is an ideal destination for tourists.

3. Crooked Forest, Western Poland


A forest with about 500 Pine trees and all emerging in a crooked manner, that is all bend at a 90-degree from the base itself. The truth behind these curved trees remains a mystery till date.

4. Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan, China


Jiuzhaigou Valley, is situated in Sichuan, China that spreads over 180,000 acres of land. It will give you a vast display of Tibetan villages, multi-layered waterfalls in colorful lakes. The crystal clear water adds to the charm of the valley.

5. “Sulphur City“, New Zealand


A dip in the hot-water springs of Rotorua in New Zealand on a pleasant day is just so soothing for the feet. New Zealand has around 17 lakes and is known for its thermal springs and mud pools. Tourist can actively participate in water sports and indulge in some water adventures in this city.

6. The Lofoten Islands


An archipelago, world’s largest deep-water coral reefs and a home to a large number of species, Lofoten Island has it all. Situated off the Norway coast inside the Arctic Circle the Lofoten Islands have a distinctive scenery with huge mountains, clear sea and beaches.

7. Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki, Japan


A walk through a sea-side park with pretty daffodil’s and bush plants, Hitachi Seaside Park will give you a flawless experience of Mother Nature.

8. Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh, India


Pangong Tso Lake is a major tourist attraction, situated between the Himalayas and Tibet. The crystal clear waters and dramatic mountains in the backdrop will provide you with some exemplary scenic beauty.

9. Apostle Islands


Kayaking through Lake Superior in Apostle Islands which is a group of 22 islands bounded by caves, waterfalls and huge rock formations. During winters, tourists can see the stunning frozen waterfalls and icicle-filled chambers.

10. Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Rangiroa -french -polynesia

It is a ring-shaped atoll in French Polynesia and is known for oysters that produce black pearls. Polynesia has the world’s best scuba diving, tourists can also enjoy the dolphin show or can see the hammerhead sharks and green sea turtles.

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