Tripping Over On Your Trip To The Pink Lake In Australia


Pink water body? Seriously?

A Drone apparently happens to document Australia’s pink lake, the news is still going viral and details are still not out in the open about this mysterious pink-lake.

Australia’s Pink Lake Hiller

The saline-lake is situated in Middle Island, probably the largest of the islands and islets that come together to make the ‘Recherche Archipelago’ in the Goldfields-Esperance region, on the south coast of Western Australia. The scientist are still figuring out the reasons and details behind the pink hues of the lake.


A naturally pink water body with only one form of life beneath its mysteriously pink beautiful surface, this is Lake Hiller. It is assumed that these microorganisms called Dunaliella Salina which are the only form of life in the lake, use the salt present in the water to create a red-pink dye.

Doesn’t this look like an illusion than a reality?

Visit this perfect pink lake on your visit to Australia. It takes quite sometime to reach the destination, 15 hours for a round trip by boat, but when you visit the destination it will be worth the journey.

How to Travel to Pink lake From Perth?

You can use a public transport. It is a ten hour trip by bus, leaving Perth at 8 am and arriving in Esperance at 6-6.15 pm. You’d need to stay overnight in Esperance for 2-3 days. You need to join a tour group to see the Pink Lake (which according to the Esperance Visitor Centre isn’t very pink at the moment). You can take a bus back to Perth at 8 am the following day.

This trip will take days so unless you have extra days on your vacation to Australia, think about the plan again!

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