How To Make Children Better Travelers


Travelling With children Is No More A Pain

The world has a long time perception that traveling, constant traveling is hampered by children. The problem associated with going out is more likely caused by the adult travelers in most cases. They do not want to change the ‘game rules’ and still follow the old rules of preparing kids for a journey. Thereby passing a programmed culture and schedule to their young ones.  Our article tries to educate parents on how to make their children better travelers.

A change in the routine is good

Travel light and carry just a few things. Usually most of the parents pack a lot of things such as games, foods and toys for their children just to keep their routine undisturbed, which leaves their children out of adventure. Parents should stop behaving like they are moving altogether. Let the children be free from the usual routine, let them do things a little differently. Like let them decide what to eat, what to wear, what activities to do etc. Don’t tell your children what to expect, telling them what to expect in the journey sets expectations for them while reducing the joy of experiencing new things. A first-hand exposure is better for a memorable experience.

Teach your child how to be a ‘part of the locals,’ not a tourist

You should encourage your children to indulge in local food, interact with the locals and travel aimlessly if you want the trip to be memorable and fun for them. Teach them how to adjust to the local cultures. This creates a good atmosphere for them while travelling.  Give them traveling journals or guides to take reference from if needed. They should be encouraged to carry travel journals with them to make notes, sketches and color their experiences. Expose the children to the virtues of resilience and good environmental to know how things work in that place.

Tell them the ‘world is a safe place’

Out of the many terrorist attacks in the world which instills  a sense of fear in the minds of children, as parents we should tell them that the world is a safe place. Parents should spread positive vibes about every place and make the children believe in peace and humanity.

Leave ‘your private car’ at home

Traveling with children in a public transport will get them exposed to another world, which is different from the usual. The opportunity presents them with many new things in front of their eyes. They need to be taught how to make interactions fun while talking to the locals when traveling in a passenger bus, train or plane.


Every ‘point of the journey’ is important

The journey should not be too focused on the destination only. Be flexible to welcome any diversion and enjoy delays in time to travel. Prepare them to have open minds. The children need encouragement, to explore whatever they feel like and not end up regretting things for not being able to do them. Balance the journey well. Make sure the trip is exciting to you adults as well as the children. This will help everyone in making travelling a better experience. Travelling is lovely and needs to be encouraged and passed on to coming generation.

Lastly check the weather before you head to your destination. Don’t forget to pack the necessary things and clothing suitable for the weather. As Inclement weather will put a bad impact on the kids and spoil their experience.

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