Must Have Travel Apps For Solo Women Travellers


Traveling and experiencing new things is fast becoming a part of many people’s lives. As people travel, they hate being alone. So they bring their smartphones along. Technology has come to play a very big role in the lives of most people. Even when traveling, smartphones can be of great help.

Here are a few travel apps we have handpicked for all you solo women travelers;

1. Rendezwho

This is a friendship app that matches the user with a mystery friend. One interacts with their mystery friend through GIFS, letters and music. This app shows how far the mystery friend is. As both users travel, the distance between them changes. If the users happen to cross paths during their travel, the app picks out a safe meeting point. This app is available in 92 countries currently. Wow this sound so cool!

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2. Magpie

This is a website that was started with the sole purpose of connecting women with other travelers. It is set up as a cross between Pin-interest and Facebook. Upon signing up, the user is requested to check off some of their interests. The site then places the user in a community with other women who share the same interests. The users can even meet up during their trips. Trust me meeting people with whom you share the same interest is just amazing!

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3. Hitlist

This is an app that is meant to make traveling cheaper. Once the user picks their destination of choice, this app will provide them with a list of deals. The app also has a social aspect in that the user that can connect with friends and see where they are going, their deals and the planned trips they have.

iPhone users click here to download the App.

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 4. Tourlina

This is an app that connects women travelers across the world. By simply entering their trip, the user is able to discover a travel companion who shares the same interests and trip plans. Also, the user is able to chat with other travelers and plan trips together. It helps create new friendships.

iOS users can Download the App here

5.Sit or Squat

Sit or squat is an app that helps you find a bathroom wherever you are. It has a list of over 95,000 bathrooms globally. The users can upload pics of the bathrooms to give other travelers an idea of the bathroom quality. For rating, the travelers use a Sit (thumbs up) or Squat (so-so). This sounds hilarious but it could be quite helpful in certain situations.

Android users can click here to download the App

iPhone users can click here to download the App


6. Packpoint

This is a packing list generator that many female travelers will really appreciate. It uses the user’s information to create a packing checklist according to the destination. It relies on information such as gender, time of the year, destination and any planned activities to generate the list of things one might need.

Android users can click here to download the App

iPhone users can click here to download the App

7. Safety Map Worldwide

This app features maps that help the user, by recommending the safest travel routes, guides the user away from dangerous areas and provide advice of the safest district to stay in or visit. One can also document their experiences to help others make informed choices.

iPhone users can click here to download the App

8. myPill

This is an app that features a daily tracker, snooze function as well as a planner that helps to remind the user to renew their prescription, call their doctor or more. Also, it helps the user remember when to take their birth control.

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9. Google Translate

Google translate expands the vocabulary of the user to enable them to understand and communicate in foreign languages. The app has over 58 different languages available. The app even features spoken translation to aid with pronunciation.

Andriod users can click here to download the App

iPhone users can click here to download the App


10. Help Call Different countries have different emergency numbers.

The Help Call app seeks to simplify the process of getting emergency information by presenting it in a 4-button system that is quite easy to navigate. The buttons are Ambulance, Fire, Police and a pre-selected friend.

Andriod users can click here to download the App

11. AllSubway

AllSubway helps with navigating new subway systems in over 125 cities worldwide. The app lays out underground maps of the subway systems and is very instrumental in planning a trip from one point to another. It also helps in figuring out the best route.

iPhone users can click here to download the App

Add On’s:


This is a website that was created to make the process of booking hotels more transparent and efficient. The whole idea is to create a stronger relationship between all the parties involved. With tools such as enchantment messaging and price check, the website is able to directly show the best prices. With direct interaction with the hotel, the middle man is eliminated.



This is a private jet company that offers their luxury services at the price of commercial flights. Some people refer to it as the Uber of airline travel. With the jets carrying only a few passengers, a ton of time is saved and there is less baggage and fuss.

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